End Anonymous Shell Companies

75% of small business owners with an opinion support requiring small business owners to provide their personal information when forming their company.
2/3 of small business owners agree that providing their personal information when forming their company would not be burdensome.
Almost 3/4 of small business owners say they're willing to provide their personal information when forming their company.

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Anti-Money Laundering

The anti-money laundering (AML) regime should be modernized to be more effective in addressing current risks.

Beneficial Ownership

To combat terrorism and financial crimes, Congress should act to end the formation of anonymous shell companies in the U.S.

Media Mentions

Support for anti-money laundering legislation and reforms to beneficial ownership has broad bipartisan support.

Small-Business Survey

This survey of small-business owners was conducted on behalf of Bank Policy Institute by Morning Consult.

Myth vs. Fact

This document corrects the record on some common misconceptions about the reform.


Reforms to end anonymous shell companies have been endorsed by organizations representing diverse interests.

Congressional Testimony

BPI CEO Greg Baer submits testimony to Congress in support of efforts to modernize AML/CFT framework.

Letters to Congress

BPI has submitted numerous letters to Congress, calling for the swift passage of anti-money laundering legislation.

Getting to Effectiveness

Report on U.S. financial institution resources devoted to BSA/AML & sanctions compliance.

Report: A New Paradigm

In April and October 2016, a group of approximately 60 experts came together to discuss how to improve the U.S. framework for anti-money laundering/countering.

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